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Why Do Traders Choose Different Strategy?

Updated: Feb 25

Not having a perfect trading strategy is often a subject of indignation for novice traders. If a strategy does not guarantee results or doesn't work for everyone, then the logical question arises about the appropriateness of its use. Let's see why there are no dream strategies, and how to find your own approach.

First of all, you need to understand that your strategy is the basis on which you build your trading. Your trading cannot exactly copy someone else's. Even if you have thoroughly studied a book from one of the world's most outstanding traders and do exactly as they do, you will still be trading in your own way. Just like there are no two identical snowflakes in the world, there are no two identical types of trading. Everyone works differently.

When choosing a strategy, it is important to take into account the psychological characteristics of the individual. Their temperament, ability to control their emotions, tendency toward being hasty or slow — all this takes priority because your strategy should be comfortable. Otherwise, it won't work.

Every trader has strengths and weaknesses, but professionals, unlike beginners, know how to turn their weaknesses into advantages.